Editing & Writing advice


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Proofreading and editing

Bring your work to the next level

Whether you have good writing skills or not, having a fresh pair of eyes looking at your work is invaluable. If you don’t want your prospective customers to be put off by typos, spelling or grammar mistakes, hiring a proofreader is your answer. If in addition to be concerned about errors, you are wondering whether your text catches the attention and sends a clear message, leaving your reader wanting to buy your product or book your services, then an editor is what you are looking for.

I can review your text to ensure it is faultless, tells your story convincingly and remains on brand.

Writing advice

So you can feel comfortable doing your own writing

You blog or post regularly on social media but you are not sure your texts are carrying their weight? Maybe they are not getting the reactions you expect despite having enough of an audience? But you can’t afford to hire an editor for every single thing you publish. If so, it sounds like getting some professional writing advice could help. If you are looking for practical tips based on your specific writing needs, I can look at a selection of your work and help you.

I will tell you what you do well and what you can improve on and how, so you can take your writing to the next level.

Website review

To make sure your website does its job

You have had a website for 6 months or more, you have been promoting it and it is getting visitors, but for some reason, they are leaving it as soon as they are getting on your Homepage. Or they are not staying for long on your Product page, even less buying. Or only a few of them are booking your services. Maybe you keep getting the same questions from prospective customers even though all the information is on your website, and answering them is costing you time. This may mean various things: your messaging is not clear on the value you offer, the information flow is not optimized, your calls to action are confusing or all over the place, etc. Basically, the time, effort and money you put in your website are going to waste.

I can review your website and advise you on the aspects you need to optimize so it fulfills its mission.

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Frequently asked questions

My minimum project rate is €70 (excl. VAT). The cost of a project will depend on the complexity of the topic as well as the length and quality of the copy to review. Send me your text(s) and I will give you a quote so you can make an informed decision.

The price for this service starts at €105 (excl. VAT) and may increase depending on the amount of text you share with me, for example. This price includes my review, my written report and a Zoom session to discuss it.

When I review a website, I look at the information on every page: what is said, what is not said? Is the message clear and demonstrating the value you offer? Does the information flow of the website work overall? Could you add to the content? Should you remove some content? Should you move part of the content of a page onto a different one? Is the copy on brand? Are the CTAs clear and well placed? Etc. I may also make comments on the overall design and aesthetics (because they work hand in hand with the copy). I will send you a report with actionable feedback.

The price of a review starts at €105 (excl. VAT) and may increase depending on the size of the website. This price includes the review and the report that I will send you.

Yes, I write essentially about well-being, personal and professional development, business coaching as well as training and education. I have a keen interest for all these topics that are connected to a sense of growth. If your business is not related to these subjects but you would still be interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will let you know if I am comfortable taking your project and, if not, I will see if I can recommend you someone else.

Let’s talk about your project !
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