Privacy policy

Twenty-Two Consulting

Who we are

We are Twenty-Two Consulting, a sole proprietorship (“eenmanszaak”) registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with trade register no. 55652530 and VAT no. NL002448420B74.

We deliver writing, editing and writing advice services in English and in French. We also deliver translation services (English into French and French into English).

We are located at Krijn Taconiskade 102, 1087HV Amsterdam. You can reach us by email at or by phone at +31(0)6 43 41 43 96.

Our website is available at: (the ‘’Website’’).

As part of our activities, we might process your personal data according to the following, such as your first name, name, age, address, email, phone number, IP address, bank details, VAT number and company registration number.

This privacy policy defines how we use your data, in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data transfer

In general, your data is not being shared, except if required by the applicable laws and regulations.

However, due to our organization, we may have to store data on the servers/clouds of our providers (computer software, mailbox, Website host, etc.), with independent privacy policies. Please note that these servers might be outside of the European Union depending on the localization of the providers.

Sensitive data

As part of our activities, we might have to process sensitive data, such as health-related, children’s, etc.

Due to their sensitive character, those data will only be shared by duly authorised persons, based on their specific consent. Sensitive data can only be kept for as long as they are strictly necessary as part of our activities, without exceeding 2 years (two years).

Embedded content

Our Website might include embedded content, e.g. videos, images, articles from third-party websites, etc. Embedded content from third-party websites behaves in the exact same way as if you had directly visited the third-party website.

These third-party websites might independently use cookies, collect data, track and monitor your interaction with the embedded contact, etc. Please refer to their privacy policies and/or cookies policies accordingly.

We are not responsible for these third-party websites, their contents, cookies, or data processing, such as collecting, tracking, monitoring, etc.


Our Website might allow you to leave comments.

If you leave a comment on our Website, your IP address might be collected, as well as any personal data shared in your comments, based on your consent.

These data will be stored as long as your comments remain on our Website.

Contact form

You can contact us through our contact form on the Website. By filling this form, you will, based on your consent, share some personal data with us, such as: your name, email, and any other data you want to convey in the additional message field, if any.

Before sending us the form, make sure you read this privacy policy by clicking on the link provided in the page footer. You will have to tick a checkbox to confirm you have done so.

Any personal data processed accordingly will be kept during 2 years (two years).


We might offer a newsletter as part of our activities. In that case, if you want to subscribe, based on your consent, you will have to provide us personal data, such as your first name, family name and email address.

Before subscribing, make sure you read this privacy policy by clicking on the link provided. You will have to tick a checkbox to that effect.

Clients and Providers

We need, as part of our business operations, to collect personal data from clients and providers, based on the agreements we have with them. These data are for instance their name, name, age, address, email, phone number, IP address, bank details, VAT number and company registration number.

As these personal data might be included in our business records (especially in invoices), they will be processed for the mandatory retention period of our business records according to the applicable laws and regulations.


As a prospect, you may have contacted us directly via email or we met in person.

You may have shared with us personal data on this instance, based on your consent, such as your name, email, address, etc. In that case, your data will be processed according to this privacy policy, and kept for a duration of 2 years (two years) starting from our last exchange.

Security measures

To ensure your personal data’s security, we commit to set up the necessary technical and organizational means in accordance with GDPR standards.

The Website is in ‘’https’’, with an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer).

Our security plugin is SecuPress.

We use appropriate antiviruses and regularly update passwords to access our systems.

Updates on external storage disks or cloud solutions are frequently made to avoid data loss as well.

If a security issue arises, we will inform you as soon as possible in case of high data risk, as well as the competent authority within the required time, which is the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Cookie banner

A cookie banner will pop-up when browsing our Website, from which you access this policy. This banner will show the cookies collected when browsing our Website and will give you the option to agree to those individually or opt-out.

Note that some cookies might be mandatory to browse our Website.

The cookie banner will reappear once the cookies are expired or refreshed.


At least one host cookie, due to our Website’s host, will be stored while browsing our Website. This cookie, sent to France, is usually mandatory and will remain during the browsing session. See the table below.

Statistics and marketing

We use Google Analytics to analyze data and measure our Website’s audience, to improve your customer experience. Privacy statements and user conditions of Google Analytics are available at .

Consequently, cookies are generated with various storage periods and sent to Ireland, France and the United States. See the table below.

Cookies table

Number of cookie(s) Purpose Mandatory or optional Storage period
1 Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain Mandatory 1 year
1 Used in context with the Website’s WordPress theme. The cookie allows the Website owner to implement or change the Website’s content in real-time. Mandatory Persistent

Name: SERVERID# [x2]


Mandatory Session
1 Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website. optional 2 years
1 Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate optional 1 day
1 Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website. optional 1 day
1 Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behavior. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels. optional Session
1 This cookie is used to determine the preferred language of the visitor and sets the language accordingly on the Website, if possible. optional 1 year

Your rights

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us by sending an email to the address provided above.

You can also send us an email to:

  • Revoke your consent to the data processing by us,
  • Access your data,
  • Rectify or correct your data,
  • Ask for erasure,
  • Limit or oppose to the data processing by us.

If you believe your personal data has been mishandled, please inform us immediately by email so we can take the appropriate measures. You can also file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.