Lost in translation?

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Tap into the French-speaking markets

Thanks to localized content

The best way to speak to an audience is to address it in its language. This requires a combination of great linguistic skills and cultural knowledge. Word-for-word translation is rarely effective, especially with marketing content because the copy will sound off. You also want to make sure the vocabulary specific to your field of work is correctly translated, consistently so. And if you need a translation of your Terms and Conditions, approximation and guesswork are not an option, are they?

Hiring a professional translator is your most effective and safest option.

Quality translations

That inform and convert

Give me your English Homepage, blog posts, etc. and I will look for the most effective way to render them into French. I will ensure that nothing gets lost in translation, especially their ability to sell. You can also trust me with your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for instance, thanks to my background in legal translation. Indeed, I hold and M.A. in Legal, Economic and Technical Translation and I have worked with organizations such as the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

I am also happy to delve into various subjects to translate content such as white papers and blog posts.

Translation from French into English

To reach an international audience

You have launched your business on the French-speaking market and you would now like to widen your audience to English-speaking customers. You are not necessarily targeting a specific country like the UK or the US but you know that having your website, blog and social media posts in English will give you access to a much broader audience. I can help you with that. I am a qualified translator, living in the international community of Amsterdam, with a special interest in UK and US-based media. This international mindset is what I can bring to the table when translating for you. My goal? Turning your French copy into content that will effectively touch a large audience which speaks English as a first, second or even third language.

The more people who hear about your brilliant offering, the better, right?

They talk about me

Frequently asked questions

My regular rate is €0.14/word (exc. VAT) but may vary depending on the project. Please send me your text and I will make you a quote.

Yes, I focus essentially on topics related to well-being, personal and professional development, business coaching as well as training and education. I have a keen interest for all these subjects that are connected to a sense of growth. If your business is not related to any of these but you would still be interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will let you know if I am comfortable taking your project and, if not, I will see if I can recommend you someone.

I enjoy the translation of marketing, general and legal texts, not so much technical ones. So if the bulk of your translation work is technical (like user’s guides for electronic devices for instance), I advise you to hire a technical translator. However, just so you know, I am happy to help a customer with a technical translation if I am already working with them in my usual fields.

No, I only perform legal translation from English to French. Legal translation is very specific and I consider that you will be better served hiring a legal translator who has English as their mother tongue.

Get your translation work done by a professional translator.